Q: What is Craftmix?
A: Craftmix packets are single-serving powdered cocktail mixers.

Q: Can I have a free sample?
A: Yes you can! We are offering free samples in exchange for media posts! Contact us and we'll arrange something.

Q: How do I make a Craftmix cocktail?
A: Pour 2-3 shots of water into a cup, add 1-2 shots of alcohol, stir in Craftmix packet, and fill cup with ice. Enjoy :)

Q: What flavors does Craftmix have?
A: We currently sell Mojito, Mango Margarita, and Whiskey Sour cocktail powders. We're continuing to formulate more amazing flavors for our customers, so stay posted!

Q: At what quantities can Craftmix packets be purchased?
A: Craftmix packets can be sold individually, in boxes of 10, or in cases of 120.

Q: What if I want to sample all the flavors?
A: Try our Assorted 10-pack! This includes 4 Mojito packets, 3 Mango Margarita packets, and 3 Whiskey Sour packets.

Q:How good do Craftmix cocktails taste?
A: We've formulated our flavors to match real cocktails as closely as possible. We're continuing to improve and optimize our flavors as we move forward.

Q: When will I receive my Craftmix?
A: You should expect to receive your Craftmix order in anywhere infrom 1-4 days depending on what time you order, and what shipping you purchase.

Q: What about Craftmix's nutrition facts?
A: Craftmix packets have less than 5 calories, no added sugars, no carbs, are fat free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, soy free, and sodium free!

Q: How can I contact Craftmix?
A: Please email us at info@craftmix.co

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